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Recurring theme--LDAP and/or better password management

After perusing the posts I am glad that other folks share a common interest. Quite simply large organizations cannot update passwords for thousands of folks who forget them daily. There are a TON of free forgotten password scripts and LDAP authentication scripts--as well as LDAP functionality for Cold Fusion. So please, for the love of all things IT, make our lives easier and come up with some way to allow users to change, reset, and recover passwords so you do not flood my helpdesk.

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We can send you an updated file that will help with this, it checks ldap for user/pass and then matches that to the same persons user in savvy. Basically removing the need for password checks on savvy data. Code can't be posted easily here so send a note to support@ and I will send the sample code. FYI it will likely need to be tweaked by you to get it to authenticate correctly to your ldap setup as things are different based on what product and version people use.



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