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Our Savvy team is compiling a list of Savvy users requests for new features. We'd love to hear what you would like to see added in future versions.

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Since Savvy actually creates the "hard copy" production CFM files from templates, it would be nice to quickly know which templates and includes were used to create the resulting file.

A simple but effective implementation might be simply to add an optional CF comment to the top of each created file with the list of the templates and includes and their respective file path locations. The CF comment would not be in the rendered source when the page was served, but would allow a developer to more easily find all the generating source templates / custom code files should they directly open / edit a generated CFM file.

(I have recently inherited a Savvy CMS site from a previous developer, and being new to Savvy I spend a good deal of time finding all the bits and pieces that actually generate the eventual CFM files.)

You can determine which template was used to create a page by going to Savvy Tools>Site>Site Map and locating the page. This will show you what template was used to create the page and the template itself will have the custom code information.

We recently released Savvy 6, and the next version is not currently in development. Savvy 6 supports Responsive Design for mobile devices and uses an inline editor allowing you to edit directly on the page.



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