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I just built a site that makes use of the Members user account type to access certain members-only pages. This works great, although the total member count is in the hundreds and it's very difficult to manage from the Savvy user admin area.

A member list of this size is not presented well in this space and users listed seem to be organized only by their chronological creation date. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be a way to search for a specific member to edit/reset password/disable, etc...

I'd love to have some way to better manage Savvy contributer and member accounts. Does anybody know of a better way to handle user management? This sounds like a custom application project that taps into the savvy user database tables. Has anybody built a custom solution to do this, or does Savvy plan to build a feature into their next version of Savvy?


Jon Kuta

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Hi Jon,

I would be interested in your feedback of what exactly you would like to see. We may be able to add it for a future version.
I think very simply there needs to be better password management (e.g., self-service password changes, forgotten password emails, etc.). Also, how about user roles (e.g., webmaster, web contributor, etc.) whose permissions span multiple templates. Current group functionality in Savvy doesn't seem to work like this...
Savvy has groups which can be applied to multiple templates providing any number of much more flexible options then simple roles. Just name the groups as you want (web master, contributor, etc) then edit template rights and add those groups as needed.



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