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this is the error that savvy gives me.

An error occured while processing your template. Please check your template code then try again.


Connection Failure: Status code unavailable

I am not getting an more information from any server logs.

I am running this installation through a load balancer, and everything works correctly except for the add a page.  The data all gets entered into the database, but the file itself is not created.

This only occurs while connecting through the load balancer.  If I connect to the node directly and reinit savvy to use the internal ip and port # for the site adding a page works fine.

How can I get some more error reporting to find out why this is failing?



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This usually happens because to make a page it uses cfhttp to internally browse the template, and save some results.  The internal browser in CF is failing or the write access of the file is failing.  Often it is the internal browser.  This is typically the case if the browser on the server can't resolve the domain name.  For example your server is running internally on a different IP then the external one.  A quick way to test that is to load up a real browser directly on the server and browse the site.

Also Java caches DNS so if you made a dns change that could cause the issue.  Restart CF to clear the cache.



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