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We are having database connection errors with savvy.  This is the CF error that is returned.


Error Executing Database Query.

Communications link failure Last packet sent to the server was 0 ms ago.


after the I refresh the site I get the savvy error.

We are sorry but a significant error has occurred. Please email the administrator and alert them to what actions you took before the error happened.


The error doesn't always happen.  I can refresh 10 times, and I get 3 errors one time.  I can refresh 10 more times and get 7 errors.  Dumping the CF cookies in the browser doesn't seem to help the problem one way or the other.


I put the database onto the server where the website is located  (localhost) in order to eliminate possible network problems between the 2 servers.  Even when the DB is running on the same server, I am still getting these errors.  The mysql server has 300 available connections, with nothing calling the DB server.  There is 1 mysql process when I am watching the server and that is show process list.  I can reload the website so there are 2 connections, process list and the savvy connection to the database server, and I will start getting db connection errors.


I have seen this problem on and off for years, but it has recently gotten so bad the sites are almost unusable.  


Any ideas on what to look at?  Settings?






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Forgot to add version info.

mysql  - Server version: 5.0.26

savvy - 4.7.8

coldfusion - 9,0,0,251028


Should also add, only savvy/CF is returning the db connection errors.  None of our perl, php or other stuff is showing any db errors.  No recent updates have been made to the server, CF or mysql.

I suspect there is some issue with the jdbc connection of the datasource.  Savvy wouldn't have that concern but CF itself may.


2 things.


1) check the datasource for that db.  Look at the connection string. Make sure you are calling IP or local name the way the rest of your sites do (and work fine).  My google searches suggest was a fix for many vs localhost.  See this thread for some possible ideas.


2) Consider upgrading to cf 9.0.1  there are some bug fixes for CF.  The bug fixes wont likely relate to your issue, but are good to have.  There are some hotfixes also for various security things for CF you can apply as well. is a good site to run against your site to see what hasn't been patched yet.

1) we have tried 127. , the host ip, the host dns and localhost on the same server, as well as the dns and ip on the external server.  External server or same server, and any combo of ways to point to the sql servers, nothing seems to make a difference.


2) We have upgraded to 9.0.1 and installed the cumulative hotfix and the problem still persists.

The problem is with every site we are using savvy with, its not just 1 or 2, its all 7.


I created a cf script that runs on cron every minute to open a connection and make a query to the savvy tables to return some data then close the connection and repeat that process 20 times.  So every minute I am making 20 connections to the db via cf and I don't get any fails.  The only thing failing is the savvy sites.





The cf script uses the exact same datasource name as sites having trouble?  There is nothing in savvy that has anything to do with connections, timeouts, threads or anything. It is all CF/db. Savvy is just queries.  The key is either in the network, ports, or datasource config for the sites having issues.

It does use the same dsn as savvy uses.  


We have created a few work arounds to deal with the problem to limit how this affects the users but the problem still exists.


Thanks for the help, if you can think of anything else, let me know.

Take a look at this thread and test the maintain connections option.  I suspect there is an issue with the connections going bad due to some outside factor.



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