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I have a custom tag that I would like to embaed on any page, where content generates can simply type the  and change an attribute.  The tag will produce a div with content.  How can I embed it on a page?

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Hi Scott, are you looking for them to embed a coldfusion custom tag? Unfortunately they can't do that as that data is stored in the database, and simply output, not run by the CF engine.
Thansk Josh, what's our options. Basically, I want to be able to have an area that list a set of links based on a attribute they set. Is there a way to use like CFLOCATION? and drive it to a url that has a url parameter?
Hmm, well how about based on directory? So you have customcode file in a template, in that ucstom code is a cfif or switch statement checking cgi.script_name for the page name, and based on how it is named or what folder it is in call various things?
Great Idea! So can the custom code file in the template then call a custom cf tag?
well at that point you can call a custom cf tag, or put the code directly in. Think of hte customcode object in savvy as sort of a cfinclude. It embedds that code. Just don't put the CF code in the template directly, you need to use the custom code object. (see docs on that object details, it is pretty basic). THen put whatever cf code you want into that custom code file /primarytemplatefiles/customcode/whateverfile.cfm
Thanks Josh, we will give it a try. Appreciate the quick response.



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