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What is the recommended method for linking to a PDF directly from the navigation editor? I know that file names, if already created, will pop up automatically, but what about PDFs?

Also, how to recommend users upload a new PDF with the intention that it is going to be a navigation item? The only way I can figure out is to open an editor somewhere in the site and press the link to document button to open up my remote file explorer and upload that way and then in the navigation menu try to remember the path of the PDF.

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Hi Steve,

Thats about right. I would recommend to think twice about linking to pdf's from navigation. Most people shy from that as users often don't expect it. As such, they are opening a pdf instead of a page which can be frustrating. I might recommend making a page, with a description of the documents a link to the documents from the content and indicating in the link or next to it what the document type is so the user is aware.
Thanks Josh. Might I recommend a way to open the Remote File explorer from the Savvy Tools menu to at least upload documents that way?

In the "real world" I wouldn't link to a PDF from the navigation, but for a school web site that wants to link to the lunch menu in PDF format, I find that creating a page with just the link to the lunch menu defeats the purpose. But I know exactly where you're coming from.



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