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When user with rights to create the page creates new page all savvy elements by default has no rights for any user. Can I change it so when that user creates the page all savvy element has all rights for that user? Or that use plus anonymous user?
I can’t find anything about id in the documentation…

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If you are using Savvy Version 4.5 you can set rights to edit and publish under Template User Rights, (Savvy Tools/Templates and then click on User Rights) and when the User creates a page from the templates they have rights to, those rights will be immediately applied.

If you are not using Version 4.5 (or as an additional layer of user rights in 4.5) you need to add the user to a group, and then give that group site wide rights using the Savvy Tools/User/Site tab
This is what I thought would happen, but unfortunately it is not.
I’ve change the rights on the template, but when I’ve cheated the page from it, even I do not have rights on this page…
And Yes it is 4.5.2 version

Can you send us an email to with login information for the account, and a link to the page and name of template in question. We will review.

I'm seeing similar issues this afternoon. I created a template, applied users rights to the template, then created a page using that template. The user rights to the modules on the page did not propagate to the modules inside the page. Not quite sure what went wrong. Any ideas? It doesn't make any sense to give a user rights to add pages of a certain template only to not have any access to edit them.

Maybe it's just Friday...



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